Retirement: What does it mean to you?


Brenda TateFormer Police Officer and Detective, Brenda Tate retired from a 40-year career with the City of Pittsburgh Police Department.   This is one woman who is not  stepping away from work with a gold watch and a retirement plan. Over 100 people gathered on June 1st  at the Marriott Hotel for Brenda’s farewell party.

At the gala-style celebration, Brenda was presented with an opportunity to have a college scholarship fund in her name through NEED. Friends and co-workers shared hilarious stories about her life and how her positive personality and free spirit impacted their lives.

Most who know Brenda, know that retirement does not mean she is settling down to a life of leisure.  When she is not traveling the world,  shopping, enjoying time at the spa or indulging in her favorite hobby of fishing, she is engaged in serving the community.

The 64-year just won her bid for Pennsylvania Democratic Committee person. She will be creating new ways to raise money to provide young people access to the NEED scholarship in her name.

Brenda is writing a new chapter in her life, and like many seasoned, sassy and sophisticated retirees she is redefining what retirement means.  Forties, fifties and sixties today is the not what it used to be and the retirement home is not an option for many who see retirement as simply an opportunity to fulfill their goals and live out their dreams.

Brenda, is like many retirees, will continue to live the life she loves, and is thankful to have less responsibilities and more time to enjoy life’s pleasures.

Below are photos of Brenda’s celebration party.

Photos by: Ronald Glover

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Brenda Tate Retirement party brenda33 brenda37
brenda35 brenda5 Brenda Tate's Retirement Party
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