Success from Brokenness: How Sarita Pittman Turned ‘Pieces’ into Power to Financially Empower Life Coaches


Lady wealth builder, Sarita Pitman knows how to start from the bottom to reach the top.

“Your weaknesses will slow you down, but I know faith helps you rise to the top. I’m not afraid of starting from the bottom,” says the 37-year-old Educator, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur and Master life coach.

She savors every moment to keep rising and loves to bring more men and women along the way–honors being sane and a survivor after a few tumultuous experiences throughout the years.

One thing after another

Pittman is not new to the scene of powerful success stories. She relates to many life challenges that require perseverance and faith to overcome and gain success. Growing up she battled with eczema and psoriasis, which led to low self-esteem because she couldn’t hide anything from these conditions. “I received validation from my family, but I didn’t see this. I only saw what was wrong with me,” she adds.

By 19 years old, there were moments of depression from long-term relationships and painful life events. “It felt like one thing after another hitting was my life from every direction,” she says, “I didn’t know how to get better. I’d stay depressed for weeks at a time.”

The pressures of life began to accumulate causing her heart-rate to elevate. She was hospitalized and felt obstacles one after another on every side.

“I was in a long-term relationship that ended and I had just rededicated my life to Christ. I couldn’t win for nothing, nor face anything or anyone. I didn’t know how to get to better,” she remarks.

In these moments, Pittman discovered her calling and used faith to overcome every obstacle and anxietythat can control one’s life. She began to redefine and recreate herself with powerful entrepreneurial examples from solid pillars in herfamily like her grandmother, mother andfather. “I saw my grandmother at an early age acquire a massive amount of wealth,” she affectionately comments.

Towards the road to success

Entrepreneurship is seen in three generations in Pittman’s family. She follows the tradition and learns how to maintain it after seeing that her grandmother didn’t master the art of this. “Along with my success path, I could see how and why my grandmother had the experiences she had. This is what inspires me to help others obtain and maintain wealth. If my experiences can help one person, my job is done.”

Eventually, Pittman began her journey in the beauty and health industry as a Spa owner. She scaled four-figure bi-weekly earnings within a few months; eventually increasing to five-figures per month through acts of giving. Within a few years, Pittman started another business helping fortune 500 companies in the areas of professional development, communications and work ethics.

During these successful heights, a union came with Winston Pittman Jr., but there was one piece missing from her life. One day, she received heartbreaking news that conceiving wasn’t possible. And although they lead extremely busy lives as entrepreneurs, the day came where she experienced the miracle of birthing a little girl.

The Heart of Educating & Giving to Others

Pittman is extremely focused on giving back to communities and organizations. Her heart and hands are opened to educating, supporting causes and generously donating to advance people’s visions and missions.

Spark a conversation with her or attend a session and you’ll certainly walk away with knowing about her giving nature. She especially has a prominent affinity for seeing others advance in coaching and entrepreneurship. Pittman is also intentional about taking every moment to educate people using an incredible inquiry-based approach. Her questions cause for critical thinking, yet gently leading thinkers into deeper places of self-awareness, self-discovery and confidence.

She is an incredible force on the scene who helps new and existing life coaches and consultants get proper training and education. Pittman is also the founder of the Georgia-based Atiras International Coaching Academy, the world’s #1 resource for Life Coaches.

This innovative entrepreneur launched the academy as an Accredited Coaching Certification Program, where graduates receive a certificate upon completion. According to its website, the academy currently has coaches all over the world, to include the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Atiras International is an online intensive four-week educational academy. The course work is loaded with rigor and relevance. Recent graduates share how Pittman designed it this way to help coaches and consultants tap into the “why” of their purpose, provide coaching services to their communities and live better secured lifestyles.

Pittman is a philanthropist and giver from the depths of the soul–an auspicious woman helping entrepreneurs grow their bottom line. “I help those from the bottom-up and not burn people from the top down,” she points out. This lady wealth builder is authentic, acquainted with a life of miracles, bonafide faith, and an entrepreneur of 20 years.

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