Teamwork Makes the Dream Work


No woman is an island. Yes, you can start a business by yourself, but trying to grow one won’t be easy if you don’t have the right people to delegate some of your task to.  People are beginning to question the importance of multi-tasking.Tip of the week Teamwork 6.10.14

You may feel like the Jill of all trades, but that may not mean that you are mastering your craft if you get so overwhelmed that it affects your work and your reputation.

Before you even start your business have a plan in mind to incorporate other reliable, dependable people that are driven and committed.

Value your strengths and be honest about your weaknesses. Seek out volunteers, interns or even try out people on a temporary of freelance basis. But don’t expect people to offer their expertise for free. Pursuing your dream comes with a price.  And know that you get what you pay for. People who do quality work have expectations.

If you can get family members on board to help, that would be great, if not don’t try to force people to help you when you know they really don’t want to. Their hesitance will only show up in the quality of their work if they feel pressured or obligated.

List what you feel are the qualifications, requirements, educational experience and the expectations of the people you want to be on your team to hold certain positions or perform certain tasks.

Make sure the  people you select to be on your team represent your values and your professional standards. Don’t ever compromise your standards by employing someone to help you to grow your business.

Your dream needs a team!

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