Thelma Lovette YMCA Hill of Hope Awards Gala 2014


Photos from the 7th Annual Thelma Lovette YMCA Hill of Hope Awards Gala; held at the Marriott downtown Pittsburgh.

Honorees were:  William E. Strickland Jr.

Charles M. Powell

Marimba Milliones

Emeritus Recognition  Andrew Frazier

Brenda Tate, Kim Slater Wood and Joy Staryzl oj2 Awards oj8 oj9 oj12 Brenda Tate and Kim Slater Wood oj14 Dr. Leon Haley and wife Ann oj16 oj17 oj18 Beautiful room oj20 oj21 oj22 oj23 oj24 oj25 oj26 oj27 oj28 oj29 oj30 oj31 oj32 oj33 oj34 oj35 oj36 oj37 oj38 oj39 oj40 oj41 oj42 oj43 oj44 oj45 oj46 oj47 oj48 oj49 oj50 Brenda Tate, Rev. Lauran Webb and Joy Staryzl oj52 oj53 oj56 Rev. Glenn Grayson oj58 oj59 oj60 oj61 oj62 oj63 oj64 oj65 oj66 oj67 oj68 oj69

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