Thelma Lovette YMCA Hill of Hope Gala


Hill of Hope Gala



The  Thelma Lovette YMCA Hill of Hope Gala
presents the
The Thelma Lovette Community Service Award
The Thelma Lovette Community Service Award will be presented each year to an individual who has demonstrated positive leadership in the community and exemplifies the principals that Mrs. Lovette has lived by. Mrs. Lovette worked tirelessly throughout her life providing much needed services to the YMCA, her Hill District community and the broader public at large.
This year’s awardee is William H. Blakey
Recently retired senior staff member from the Hill House

William Blakey is a Hill District treasure. His is not a well -known name, but his deeds are a testament to his character and commitment. Dinners, handiwork, donations, wisdom, and time are the ways he supports the Hill District organizations, churches, and individuals. We salute him for his life, his legacy, and his love.
Hill of Hope Award
The Hill of Hope Award is presented to an organization that has demonstrated an ongoing commitment for the betterment of the Hill District community.
This year’s awardee is LJS Publication’s Talk Magazine.
Talk Magazine was the corner stone of LJS, founded by Luther J. Sewell, Jr.  in 1962.  In 2008, his wife Roxanne Sewell was name president of the magazine that focuses on issues important to African-American communities. The popularity of the magazine grew because it told positive stories about black people, demonstrated that black people were successful, discussed important issues, and included a social element with women and fashion.
This Year’s Honorary Chairs


                   The Honorable Judge Joseph K. Williams, III and Mrs. Darryl Ford Williams
Judge Joseph K. Williams, III was sworn in to the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County in November of 2008, following an appointment to the bench by former PA Governor Ed Rendell. He was subsequently elected to a 10 year term in 2009 and has continued to serve on the Court’s Criminal Division.  He has received numerous professional honors and awards. He is married to Darryl Ford Williams, VP of Contents for WQED Multimedia, and has two sons.
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