There are No Secrets


Either you got “It” or you don’t

During a recent visit to a local restaurant, I noticed that the owner had dropped a substantial amount of weight. I tapped her on the Male Perspectiveshoulder and asked, “What’s your secret?” Her response should have been heard around the world. “There are no secrets,” she replied, “just hard work, being conscious of my behavior and committed to reaching and maintaining my goal.” With all of the temptations around her, it was her discipline, determination and commitment that attributed to a metamorphosis that many women strive for on a daily basis.

Well, seek no more. After years of interviewing several high-profile, successful and even famous women, I was able to gain insight into their common formula for exceptional achievement. They were focused, they were committed, they were disciplined and they were self-motivated. I refer to them as “Women Who Got It!”

Don’t spend your time making excuses as to why you can’t seem to get “It!” Excuses become justifications for self-imposed barriers to us getting where we want to go and doing what we need to do.

One of the questions that I am asked most often is, “What inspired you to start your own magazine and how did you make it happen?” Usually the curiosity seekers sit back and prepare to listen to what they think will be a long, drawn-out strategy on how I brought my vision to life. I offer the same ingredients as the restaurateur. She simply applied the same recipe to her weight-loss success.

Too many women spend too much time in search of “The Secret” – the secret to losing weight, the secret to a healthy relationship, the secret to success to get there.

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