Tracey M. Jennings: A Woman Warrior



Tracey M. Jennings

Community Activist
32 Years in Activism

OW: Name one person you consider a great role model and tell us why.
TMJ: My mother. She, more so than my father, kept my 4 siblings and I culturally aware both inside the home, as well as outside. We were prepared to face anything and everything once we ventured outside of our community.

OW: What has been your greatest inspiration?

TMJ: Growing up in the Homewood-Brushton community. As a child, I witnessed the 1965 and 1968 uprisings and this inspired me to want to get involved to make sure that whatever the people were upset about, wouldn’t happen again.

OW: What advice would you give to young people today wanting to get involved in the community?
TMJ: Nobody is going to give a damn about our communities if we don’t … Get involved! Volunteer with community organizations. Keep your ear to the streets; read the newspapers and watch the news. Know what is going on in and around your surroundings. Find out who your local representatives are, go to their offices and meet them. Ask how you can get involved, because community leaders and elected officials are always looking for help and fresh new ideas on how to better serve the people.

OW: What was the best thing that you have ever done, which got you where you are today?
TMJ: I got involved! I studied my history, registered to vote, and exercised that right.

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