Transformation Begins When You Change Your Thinking


Clarence S. Womack, Owner of Move with Mack Fitness & Nutrition has always lived an active lifestyle.  Womack ColageClarence served in the US Army for 8 years.  While stationed in Germany he played football on a German American team and was a member of the boxing team.

After serving in the Army, he continued to play football for the Louisville Bulls.  Clarence decided to turn his passion into a career and became certified as a Personal Fitness Trainer, Kettlebell Trainer and Core Conditioning Coach.

In 2015 Clarence committed to improving his knowledge in the area of nutrition.  Through proper nutrition and exercise, Clarence was able to make a complete body transformation.

In May 2016, Clarence competed in his first International Physique League Competition where 200x200forwebsitehe placed first in The Masters Division Men’s Athletic Class and fifth in the Open Division Men’s Athletic Class.   Clarence is a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Certified Kettlebell Instructor and Core Conditioning Specialist.

Clarence is on a mission to transform the lives of 100 people in 2016.    Clarence states that “It all starts with the way you think.  His program is not a weight loss or weight gain program but a positive lifestyle program; Clarence uses positive thinking, fitness and nutrition as the foundation for building lasting success not only in health and fitness but in life.

If you would like to join the Move With Mack Positive Lifestyle Program to make your body transformation dream of weight loss, weight gain or muscle gain come true please send an email to or visit

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  1. Okay, I need to get on board, I need some accountability. Going to the gym by myself just isn’t enough. I need some guidance an inspiration.

  2. Clarence and Kirsten are such a great couple. So positive and willing to share the knowledge. They are very inspiring and have helped me lose 61 pounds so far!!! They give you all the tips and tools you need to be successful in you weight lose and journey to FITTNESS!! I am 55 years old and as they say you are never to old to get healthy!!

  3. This is such an inspirational story! Living the life! Positive mindset and body in action! Thank you for sharing!


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