Treasure My Heart By Altonya Washington


Treasure My HeartAuthor Altonya Washington, MLSCalifornia wine country, Miami sun, a rule about not mixing pleasure with business and an insane vendetta. Combine them and AlTonya Washington’s latest Harlequin Kimani release is ready for your reading pleasure. When Minka Gerald heads for Miami to represent her boss’s company, she is fixated on work and not much else. That is, until she realizes that vineyard entrepreneur and industrialist Oliver Bauer is fixated on her.

“Treasure My Heart” follows up from AlTonya’s March release “Embrace My Heart” and unfolds on two coasts. Unfortunately for Oliver, Minka is against having their sensational love affair continue once they return to their San Francisco stomping grounds.

AlTonya’s followers know that AlTonya enjoys adding a splash of suspense to her stories. This time, the suspense comes in the form of revenge with Minka in the cross hairs. Further challenging to our heroine is that she has to assume the top spot of her family’s business. All this, while trying to convince herself that she isn’t as mad about Oliver as he is about her and working out a way to tell him why she hid the fact that she’s heir to a multi-billion dollar fortune.

AlTonya Washington, MLS
Librarian/Author /Publisher

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