Wanted: Support for Women-Owned Businesses


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I can tell you from experience that it is a challenge trying to run a business by yourself. Having a support system is helpful, and mentoring is crucial to your development. Even silent mentors can play a role in you reaching your dreams by sharing their experiences and expertise. Don’t spread yourselves too thin by taking on more than you can handle.

I know that some of you work full-time and run a business on the side, so we are going to be addressing some of the issues for women with a side  hustle.

We welcome your input about things that you would like to see and hear. Keep checking for our motivational messages, new videos and tips to help you grow. We’ll share our experiences and our ideas.

We know that promoting your business and getting the word out about your endeavors is one of your goals. Look for special activities that will help you to do that.

Attending business and professional gatherings should be a part of your marketing strategy, so we will include events in the blog as well as list them on our network, our web site, our E-blast and on this blog.

We don’t want you to feel alone. We want the “NEW” Network to be the place for you to visit for guidance and support. Please check out our Facebook place where we compile all kinds of business data and resources to help you along the way. Our goal is to nurture you and help you to evolve.

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