What Does Dedication Mean to You?

The Administrative Queen
Deasha Carter


So, I know what your probably thinking in your head…. Is she talking about marriage? Well, no not exactly but that is the picture i get in my head when I am thinking about what dedication means to me. With dedication comes loyalty, pain, tears, disappointment, happiness, sadness and much more! I think that’s the same thing with running a business it’s kinda like a marriage you are in it for better and for worst. You take the good and the bad! Your never just happy go lucky! (Psshh) I wish! I wanted  to take a minute and talk about what dedication means to me because a lot of us grow weary of being dedicated in all facets of our lives. Not realizing that they are literally all the same (in a sense). The definition of dedication in the Webster dictionary is : self-sacrificing devotion and loyalty. Well, actually there are five but this is by far the best one out of all of them. I say that to say this, if you stay dedicated to your brand and building your business like you would stay dedicated to your spouse or marriage then you WILL be successful!! Please understand that’s one of the main ingredients of being successful, in not only your business but all aspects of your life!! LET’S BE DEDICATED AND MAKE OUR DREAMS COME TRUE!!!

Before starting her own business, Deasha Carter was in the administrative field for about 8 years. She worked in various capacities such as Employee & Labor Relations, Law, Medical, Education and Mental Health. She also has 10 years of experience as a Customer Service Agent.  I have worked on countless projects that include but are not limited to Professional Resumes, Cover Letters, Business Policy writing, Excel Spreadsheets, Word Documents, PowerPoint Presentations etc. 

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