Something for the Little Ones for Christmas?


Catherine is sweet, caring, adventurous, vivacious, smart and fun. As the baby of the family, she made her first EmptyShoesCoverWithTextattempt to outshine her big sister by auditioning for the lead in her school’s play.

Catherine is heartbroken whenever she discovers that she didn’t get the part. Like many girls, she finds an escape by trying on shoes, and is pleasantly surprised to realize a valuable life lesson in her “sole.”

Excerpt from Empty Shoes written by Denise LaRosa), illustrated by Nicholas Manning:

I walked downstairs and noticed everybody’s shoes. They were all so different – different shapes, sizes and colors.

 Hmmmm maybe I can try them all on and be someone else, if even for a minute.

 “It might be fun to walk in someone else’s shoes,” I said.

Add Empty Shoes to your children’s book collection in mid-July!

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Photo Credit: "Leah Loves That Photography"
Photo Credit: “Leah Loves That Photography”

Denise LaRosa,
Twitter: DeniseNLaRosa
Facebook: Mom Talk with Denise LaRosa

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