What’s Your Excuse, Today?


Start paying closer attention to the people who are doing the things that you want to do.

A friend and I were having a conversation about people not following their dreams. She said  today there is really no excuse for people not doing the things that they really want to do. We both agreed that there is enough free technology, access to educational videos and government sponsored programs that can assist people in learning what it takes to get you started and to help you to sustain.

My contribution to the conversation was to suggest that people find someone who is doing what they would like to do and follow them on Facebook, track them on Twitter, or simply keep up with their activities on their blog. You can take it a step further and invite them out for coffee, or even shadow them. In other words, network yourself into their world.

You can make the excuse that you don’t have time, but think about how much time you spend in the hair salon. You can blame it on money; but why aren’t you prioritizing your spending so that you can put your money towards the things you need opposed to the things you simply want. When it comes to money, I always ask people, “How much are you willing to invest in yourself.”

Action plan: Tell us, and tell yourself, why you are not doing the things that you would like to do.

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  1. “I’m working on it,” is an excuse for “it’s not done yet.” We spend a lot of time “working on it.” It’s time to just “do it!”

  2. One of the man reasons I am not as far along as I would like to be in ministry is because I worked a secular job for 21 years as a police officer. Fot the first ten years of my career, I worked swing shift. My shift changed one a month.

    I was a single parent formerly married to a herione addict and abuser. That was another five years of my life wasted.

    I know in my spirit I would be much further along in my music and writing career if I had never returned to Pittsburgh. I have attachment issues: so, I always stayed close to my parents. If I stayed in Detroit, where I was up for an audtion with Motown, I could have possibly made it to the level that would have enabled me to take care of my family financially.

    I have pastored two churches in the past. What I know for sure is here is still sexism in the Black and racism in the White church. Black women can be just as hard on another Black woman as the men. I have submitted my resume to at least 30 churches with vacant pulpits in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area. Pulpit Committees have called me back to preach as many as four times. On one occasion, a preacher called me and gave me a heads-up that one particular church said they would never have a woman for their pastor. Yet, they called on me several times to come “and give another one of those good sermons….”

    Finally, after serving as Associate Pastor for the past six years at a local church I decided I was fed up with the subliminal rejection, emotional abuse and blatant rejection I endured from the pastor – I resigned. The pastor announced to the congregation he was leaving. He told the church to start putting together a pulpit committee. It was in clear view. I was not even a thought. After all my dedication, loyalty and hard work, he never thought of passing the baton to me! Wow! The church secretary even told me I would never be chosen because…………..”You’re a WOMAN.”

    One think I know – Man looks on the outside – BUT GOD looks at the heart……


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