Where Would You Be If Only You Stayed Focused!



Stay Focused!

One of the biggest problems that I see in people not getting to where they want to be is their inability to stay on track.  Too many people jump around initiating new ideas without even completing what they originally started.

Just think where you would be if you would have started that business you always wanted to start, finished that book you dreamed of writing, or simply taken that idea vacation.  Procrastination can be your worst enemy. Stop sabotaging yourself. Don’t be your worst enemy…be your best friend. And best friends, don’t let best friends fail!

Action plan: Don’t stop until you get it done!


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  1. Kirsten,

    It makes all the difference in the world. I am constantly trying to figure out what I need to get rid of so that I can focus my energy on a few projects. Being pulled in so many different directions can take you off track.


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