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Dr. Amicitia Maloon-Gibson
MaloonGibson and Associates (MGAA)

Dr Gibson’s brand is her life story. She is the President of MaloonGibson and Associates (MGAA), a Professional Development Institute where “Growing and Empowering Future Leaders for Success Now,” is her passion & purpose.

They develop strategies for mastering business, careers, life and relationships. She is also an Executive Leader & Career Strategist who inspires others to the next level of success and excellence without limitations. The results-driven entrepreneur delivers stepping-stones to success as she asks the question, “What if you’re fired or released from your job tomorrow, what is your Back-up Plan?”

She tells her clients to, “Back-up Your Back-up– and put Options in Place.” Stepping Stones for Success is the reason why she exists. “We develop strategies for mastering business, careers, life and relationships,” says Dr. Gibson.

She is an executive who empowered herself and inspired others to the top of career ladders. She serves on several corporate and Non-profit boards:

This author of several books is featured in global magazines. Dubbed the EmpowermentDOC TM; she is a sought after radio and TV personality.www.Citagibson.com



Her Leadership Academy is now online.


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Over 33 years of media documenting the success of African-American women.


  1. Thank you for sharing Dr. Cita new book. She is truly a great leader and mentor for corporate and military women. I attended several of her workshops and seminars. She is a great inspiration who understands the “real” challenges of going to the next level as an executive. Dr. Cita been there, done that and now she’s got a great book for leaders and careerist….


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