Women-to-Watch: Marty Stahl


Marty Stahl, Director Volunteers of America of Pennsylvania – Working Order Marty Stahl

Photo Credit: Stephen Barry, In-Vision Studio, Inc.

Director and business coach for Volunteers of America of Pennsylvania’s Working Order Program, a small business incubator that provides coaching, training and business planning for individuals with disabilities and disadvantages and other obstacles to traditional employment.  Stahl’s experience as a teacher, graphic designer, art director, marketing manager, webmaster and business woman provide the framework for helping new entrepreneurs develop their marketing and communications strategies. She understands the business processes which are critical to starting and maintaining a small business. Working Order focuses on an individual’s abilities and interests and on the market’s demand for their product or services. Participants access the resources necessary to learn the high standards of successful business ownership. Collaboration with local, national and government organizations, agencies, universities, networking groups, and professionals promotes successful business opportunities for new business owners.



PHONE: 412.782.5344 X 210


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