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Danielle Davis
Danielle Davis
Davis Consulting Solutions (DCS)

Danielle Davis, also known as MsDavisofPgh, offers a business day interpretation of the Chinese proverb: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Davis Consulting Solutions (DCS) uses a multi-faceted approach to training and development for individuals, business professionals, not-for-profit companies, and faith-based organizations. She brings over 15 years of administration experience coupled with more than 10 years of business and human service knowledge to her role as consultant, educator, trainer and entrepreneur.

DCS provides the information and resources clients need to develop best practice processes. By identifying effective ways to manage financial, social and environmental risks, obligations, and economic changes individuals and businesses are able to achieve sustainability. Customized planning increases each client’s ability to meet objectives and identify sound strategies that will drive long-term growth and profitability.

With a Masters in Organizational Leadership from Geneva College and a Bachelor’s degree in Community Ministry, Davis is focused on strengthening the community and economic development opportunities. Skilled in program creation, project implementation, and relationship building you can contact Davis at ConsultWithDavis@Gmail.com to schedule a meeting, discuss training possibilities, or book for speaking engagements. Danielle is a participant in Volunteers of America-Working Order Small Business Incubator

Ardelle Vivienne Robinson
Ardelle Vivienne Robinson
designs by vivienne

Ardelle Vivienne Robinson shares her collection of photos from Georgia, Pennsylvania, Florida, Hawaii, Washington D.C. and Kenya while preserving the art of hand-written messages and the joy of everyday notes.

Robinson’s degree in journalism combined with the study of photography has reaped awards in publications and exhibitions. designs by vivienne features original photographs on each hand-made, embossed linen note card. A local collection highlights Pittsburgh’s beauty from the perspective of an observer through a lens.  Robinson captures each moment and creates the right card for delivering messages of thanks, caring or concern.

designs by vivienne seeks new opportunities to position her work in galleries, shops, as fund-raising products for churches, and to supply personalized photo note cards to announce graduations, births, wedding, and other special occasions. Cards sell well through word-of-mouth, at community festivals and craft fairs.

“God has given me a gift to capture the greatness of His majesty from behind a camera lens. From butterflies that pose for me to the intensity in the eyes of an African bead maker, I have been able to capture thousands of moments in the blink of an eye.” You can contact Ardelle Vivienne Robinson at designs by vivienne, 412-586-4095 vivienne37466@yahoo.com. Ardelle is a participant in Volunteers of America-Working Order Small Business Incubator

Charlene Cunningham
Charlene Cunningham
Walk for God

Charlene Cunningham is a woman with a purpose. Associate minister at King of Kings Baptist Church, mother of one and first time entrepreneur, Cunningham was inspired to start her company, Walk for God, as a way to bring consumers a message of hope and love. “We walk for everything else in this country why not Walk for God,” she says.

This creative Monroeville designer produces an everyday array of products for Christians and all believers. Each item displays her very personal and over all company message, “Walk for God”. The line of apparel and footwear includes T-shirts, hats, tote bags, and wrist bands with the 2007 patented logo message, Walk for God.

The company message is also the owners purpose, reminding all people that someone loves and cares for them. Each piece of merchandise allows the wearer to display their beliefs as they “Walk for God” in a comfortable and fashionable way.

Walk for God is currently seeking sale and licensing opportunities for three prototypes in the athletic walking shoe line, Saving Souls. Other products with the inspirational message “Walk for God” are available at church events, fairs, markets and by calling Walk for God at 412-758-0909 or emailing cunningham915@comcast.net. Charlene is a participant in Volunteers of America-Working Order Small Business Incubator

Dionna RossDionna Rojas
Professional speaker, businesswoman, blogger and life strategist
Dionna Rojas Inc.
The America Group

Dionna Rojas brings practical and inspirational insights to clients who are working to improve their purpose, parenting, and career transitions. A born social worker and social entrepreneur, she is focused on transforming biblical principles and life experiences into strategies that enhances and improves individual lives. An experienced workshop facilitator and blogger, Dionna Rojas Inc.,  provides focus and framework to help women redesign their lives and enhance their careers while navigating professional and family transitions. Rojas creates opportunity, provides fellowship and encourages Christ centered relationships through monthly get-togethers, quarterly retreats,  and annual conferences for women of all ethnic, socioeconomic, and age groups. Dionna Rojas Inc. is seeking new opportunities to inspire healthy households and diverse communities through speaking engagements and strategy workshops. Learn more at www.dionnarojas.wix.com/dionnarojas or call 412-583-5478. Dionna is a participant in Volunteers of America-Working Order Small Business Incubator.

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