Word of the week: Confidence

What you should know before you go!

Word of the week is “Confidence” Enter into a situation as if  you are certain of the outcome, and know that whatever happens, it may have been either meant to “be” or simply a “learning experience” that takes you closer to your goal. Whichever it is…make it a positive experience in your favor.”

Don’t let fear become your greatest obstacle. Chose to be fierce not fearful.

ACTION PLAN: This week try something that you have been putting off because you have been afraid that you might fail.

We want to hear from you: Tell us about a time when you have been fearless

Believe that you can make it happen.
Believe that you can make it happen.
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  1. I have overcome barriers, one at a time. First identifying a barrier as such, was key for me and then enlisting help. My help came/comes in many forms – people, books, internet, social media, etc. I emphasize “one at a time” because if we attempt to tackle conquering too many obstacles at once, we may become overwhelmed and hinder our journey to overcoming. Make the process manageable for you, because every accomplishment is a victory!


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