Worth the Climb



Audrey J. Snyder

Raised by a grandmother who believed the only available professional jobs for Black American women in the 1960s were nursing and teaching, Audrey Snyder grew up feeling restricted in her own home. Audrey, however, had inherited the grit and determination of her Cherokee grandmother, who accomplished the impossible by traveling un-escorted over 1300 miles in a covered wagon filled with orphaned Cherokee children.

Worth the Climb tells Audrey’s remarkable story of struggle and success in corporate America. Leaving home at a young age, Audrey moved from secretary to business success in the face of racism and discrimination. Throughout her 40-year struggle, Audrey pushed away anger, bitterness, and despair to find excellence, perseverance, and the desire to open doors for Black Americans who would follow.

Worth the Climb is a must-read for anyone looking to move forward in spite of pitfalls and disappointments.




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