Yes, At Her Age: Dr. Kimberly Slater Wood Earns Her Ed.D. at 63


Yes, at my age! Achieving a Degree of Doctor of Education in Leadership and Administration from Point Park University is one of the most significant accomplishments in my life. The journey took grit, resilience, commitment, and discipline, and there are no regrets. The experience was certainly challenging yet, fulfilling and rewarding. And it is certainly not for everyone. My doctoral degree is the highest level of academic achievement and provides an opportunity for me to forge a new path and create a platform as a credentialed leader to sit at the table and share research and new knowledge with decision-makers for systemic organizational change on behalf of women.

The findings from my study entitled, “A Quantitative Examination of Female-Instigated Incivility and the Queen Bee Syndrome: The Impact on Organizational Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives” is significant, and my goal is to raise the awareness of the phenomena that are contributing to the toxicity of organizational cultures. It is exciting to know my doctoral degree positions me to collaborate with other experts to formulate solutions to existing workplace barriers that affect women, women of color, and other marginalized groups. Some of those barriers include modern discrimination, gender pay equity, ageism, and addressing matters surrounding the underrepresentation of women and women of color within organizations.

It is noteworthy to mention that the most vital component of my successful doctoral journey is that I have never allowed age to define me. I am authentic and self-aware, and I color outside the lines. I am linked to an elite group of women who are confident and beautiful inside and out, and we are not chasing youth.

We know that leadership is ageless – We are role models who inspire each other and know that others are watching.

We know that visibility matters and ambition has no age limit.

Dr. Kimberly Slater Wood is also an Onyx Woman Leadership Award winner.

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