Your Stylish Ways – Don’t You Just Love a Slingback?


I absolutely love slingback shoes. They give the leg a slimming effect.  At one point in time you wouldn’t have thought about wearing a slingback in the winter, but now you can work your slingbacks throughout the year.

I really like how they give your legs more length and your heel more room to breath. They seem to be more comfortable than shoes that are closed in. Slingbacks can be casual, professional or dress up.

The great thing about the shoes pictured on this page; they all were all purchased from a consignment store.

Give your wardrobe a more options. If you haven’t already…introduce a few pair of slingbacks to your ensembles.

Keep in mind you are going to have to do some upkeep on the feet for this look.Only $4.99 Consignment rateAn evening sling!Found these for less than $10.00

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