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Check out our Your Stylish Ways Instagram page. The page highlights items that we have purchased at discounted The end result was an ensemble for under $60.00prices; yet they look fabulous, and the quality is just as good as the original retail purchase. Just because you paid less doesn’t mean that you are getting less quality; especially when you shop consignment stores, discount stores and thrift shops.

Your style matters when you are trying to get that new position, a promotion, start a new business or simply want to enhance your brand. There is no need to get trendy when classic always works. Don’t put your bank on your back. Put your bank in your business, in your retirement account or use your money to live your life to the fullest.

Follow us on Instagram at: Style isn’t what you wear; it is the way that you wear it!

I purchased a stylish beaded necklace for about $3.00, shoes for $4.99, a shawl for $10.00 and a dress I already had that was 39.99. Check out some of our most recent finds:

I like how this 5 dollar necklace pulled together silver and gold
I like how this 5 dollar necklace pulled together silver and gold
Metallic to go with anything
Threw on a shawl that I purchase for $10.00
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