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Shades $.99
Recently, I watched a show where the women on the program constantly bragged about designer labels, upscale stores, and other pretentious purchases. As I watched, I couldn’t help but think about how often I’ve purchased some of those same designers brands at a fraction of the price. Granted, better quality clothing looks better and lasts longer.

When you purchase the same item for a cheaper price, it doesn’t make you less stylish or make you look like you paid less. Style doesn’t have much to do with what you wear—style is the way you wear it.

There are so many money saving shopping options today. Whether you shop a discount store, thrift shop, consignment, eBay, Postmark, or the many other options available, you don’t have to sacrifice style. Depending on your skills for detecting a good buy, you can end up with a garment that is good quality, a great bargain, and an accent to your wardrobe that will last a long time.

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